Search & Destroy is Palisades' in-house analytical, no holds barred search agency whose tactics hone in on metrics that destroy the competition. Our proven strategies flush out the proverbial needle in the haystack which grows our clients’ bottom line. Hope you’re ready to play, because ready or not, here we come.
Our experienced SEM team combines time-tested search engine best practices with new audience targeting optimizations to create unique quarterly growth plans that are right for your paid search budget. By managing search accounts infused with 1st-3rd party audience data, a focus on behavioral remarketing, and an understanding of how audience context affects the consumer journey, we constantly achieve goal-based results for a variety of brands and business verticals. When paid search is managed with other channels we service – display, social, CRO, or SEO – our teams work together to create a consistent, unified brand strategy so all KPIs and promotional details are working together to achieve broader business success and optimal ROI.


  • Set campaign goals using the best digital ad mix of top platforms and targeting tactics
  • Research, hypothesize and test ad copy that drive the best engagement
  • Drive highly relevant brand engagement at the lowest cost
  • Create new revenue opportunities by growing accounts and getting the best possible return
  • Each member of our SEM team is certified in Google Ads and Bing Ads
  • Detailed account structuring
  • Account performance restructuring


  • Manage winning campaigns across Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Amazon
  • Run Shopping and Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA)
  • Audit current paid search accounts and unveil new opportunities for efficiency and performance
  • Negative keyword mapping


  • Ongoing optimization of keywords and bids to maximize results
  • Geo and time based optimization
  • Device specific optimization
  • Confirm your tags are the latest versions, configured correctly and in the right location while assisting your team in installing any pixels that are missing
  • Push and pull all the necessary demographic levers to achieve the next level of performance including but not limited to Household Income, Gender, Age and Parental Status

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