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Roger Schaffner

Owner / CEO

Palisades MediaGroup (PMG) has reached two milestones so far in 2016: the 20-year anniversary of its founding and an employee count that topped 100 people. It is a testament to Roger’s sense of hard work and fair play that the agency has reached these two milestones. The clients who trusted him in the beginning with their business still entrust it to Roger and Palisades today. Through hard work, smart business insights, and ethical dealings, Roger has created his legacy in the media community. In 2015, he was awarded the prestigious Life Saver Award by Ad Relief of Greater Los Angeles for his support of both the charity itself and the advertising community as a whole.

The insights and strategic thinking that Roger brings to the planning process at Palisades MediaGroup have been developed over an illustrious career in film distribution and media management. The agency’s phenomenal growth throughout the last few years is a testament to the client-focused management style that Roger has modeled, in addition to his ability to assemble a top-notch team of media professionals who share this dedication. For the thirteen years prior to starting PMG, Roger supervised the creation and development of the entertainment division at a national media-buying service. He also worked on the client side early in his career, working his way up through distribution to the level of Senior Vice President, Marketing, at Embassy Pictures.

Having spent his youth in a rural area in Oregon, Roger is an avid outdoorsman. He’s most at home when he is out hiking the trails and enjoying the fresh air, but he is also a world traveler with his family – from Tuscany to Africa to South Pacific, and many other locales.